The Hashtags Frequently Tweeted

Video done by Twitter. Aside from Facebook, Twitter is the most popular social media site used. Celebrities, organizations, companies all over the world use Twitter to reach out to their fans. Twitter is an easy way to find out information and what is happening in seconds. Everyone has easy access to Twitter especially if they … Continue reading

AIDS does not discriminate against anyone

Diversity is a very controversial word that some people don’t like to talk about. Diversity can be described in many different ways such as, the color of someone’s skin, the way that someone talks, their religion, their sexual orientation, if they have a disability, if they are a teen mom getting an education, their gender, … Continue reading

2013 Phillies Ball Girl

This is my tryout video to become a 2013 Phillies Ball girl. This past week I was offered the position. This has been my dream for a very long time and I cannot wait to start. I am excited to meet new people and to become a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Exercise Science Club

The Exercise Science club is a club on Shippensburg’s campus that allows them hands-on experience for their future careers. Last semester the club participated in the Wellness Fair where they took individuals blood pressure. The tests were done by students under the watch of their advisor, Dr. Ben Meyer. If you are interested in learning … Continue reading

Kony 2012: Scam?

About 9 months ago, this video became viral. The second it hit the internet, people were engaging in it. It was being shared, watched, talked about, etc. This was a short video by The Invisible Children about Joseph Kony and promoting to stop him. The film captures the behind scenes of this dictator and what … Continue reading

Memorable Entertainment of 2012

This Jersey Shore star is expecting a little one in the year 2012. She became pregnant with her boyfriend and currentlyfiancé, Jionni Lavelle. Nicole Polizzi (Snooki)had her baby boy, Lorenzo, in August. During her pregnancy, she was still a part of Jersey Shore but was not her typical self. Nicole needed to grow up and … Continue reading

Life after a bone marrow transplant

This week on SUTV news, we will sit down with Dr. Becky Overholt to ask her about life after her transplant and get an update on her condition. Here is a video by, Amanda Peterson, about Dr. Overholt’s life after a bone marrow transplant.

Recap of 2012

This week on SUTV News, we will be looking back at 2012 as a whole at the most memorable and standout events. We will be looking at events that occurred in Shippensburg as well as nationally and globally. Be sure to tune in on Thursday at 7 p.m. on Comcast channel 21 and campus channel … Continue reading


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